Diana Weis (2024): Ludology

The theme of human play runs like a thread through the new works that German artist Norbert Bisky has created for his solo exhibition Ludology at Templon, New York. Adult games of desire, ecstasy, and rage: Bisky explores liminal spaces of the interpersonal. read more

Markus Stegmann (2018):
Raging Surf
Observations in the Ocean of Color and Figure

Are they running into the crashing surf or are they passing over clouds? Is it a sporting competition or a sudden catastrophe? One thing is clear: Norbert Bisky’s figures in “Iconoclasts” (2017) are engrossed in stormy movement. read more

Katja Blomberg (2010):
Dream and Trauma

The decision to become a painter was made in 1989, at the time the wall came down. Norbert Bisky lived through those events in East-Berlin. He was nineteen, came from a family of staunch communists and had occasionally visited the Alte Nationalgalerie to marvel at Walter Leistikow’s painting “Grunewaldsee” which was refused by the jury in 1898. read more